Welcome to United Regional Medical Center!

Here, for You. This statement is how we describe our hospital, people, services, philosophy, and mission.

As chief executive officer of United Regional, I want to use this column to provide a more thorough explanation of what these words mean to our board, staff, and front-line care professionals.

Here, for You:

In the most immediate sense, Here, for You means that when you need medical care, we are, in fact, right here, in Manchester. Our physical location positions United Regional as Manchester's most convenient provider of emergency and tertiary care.

Our daily focus is on providing outstanding medical services through Advanced Technology & Compassionate Care. But Here, for You means much more to our team about the dedication that we have in caring for the community.

Since 1954, United Regional Medical Center has been an important and reliable neighbor for the Manchester community. The physician owners and staff consider it our full-time mission to be there when you need us, and to make quality of life better for the community that we call home.

Our hospital opened as Coffee County Medical Center. In 2002, the hospital was purchased by a group of physicians who live in the area and are committed to the principles of a community-based hospital that prioritizes people and care above everything else.

Since then, a new ownership group, led by Dr. Wendell McAbee, has made a significant investment in technology, including advanced imaging and surgical equipment, to elevate URMC to state-of-the-art, high-quality care.

Building a New Hospital

The board and ownership is committed to building a new hospital that will replace our current facility and further advance the quality service experience for community residents. The new hospital will include a birthing center, intensive care units, more private rooms, an expanded ER, and many other services.

To the community, we are thankful for your overwhelming advocacy and support which played an important role in our overcoming numerous legal challenges from competitors. Because of your efforts, Manchester will, in time, have a new hospital to serve future generations. Those of us at United Regional Medical Center are committed to making this important dream become a reality.

Community Involvement:

Serving patients is just one aspect of what we consider a greater obligation to the health and quality of life in Manchester.  It's why we continually support a wide range of community initiatives through our own health fairs, involvement with community programs such as Relay for Life, support of Coffee County School athletics, our holiday toy drive, and the We Care program through Manchester City Schools.

United Regional is Manchester's community hospital.

We are Here, for You.

Martha McCormick
Chief Executive Officer
Martha McCormick