Quality of Care

Recently URMC was certified and reported to the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Service as a top user of advanced electronic medical records in the region. Use of electronic medical records at all levels of care from admissions to prescribed medicines and treatments improve the quality of care and the safety for our patients.

Emergent Care

United Regional Medical Center's 24-hour emergency room is ready to assist you anytime with your most pressing medical needs. Our highly professional and experienced emergency personnel are ready to meet the needs of both adults and children in emergency situations and deliver you the highest quality of care.

Sleep Center

The Sleep Lab at United Regional diagnoses sleep patterns and problems as well as sets a treatment path for sleep disorders. There are at least 84 different sleep disorders that can lead to lower quality of life and overall reduced health. Sleep disorders can be a serious endangerment, even life threatening, to any patients, as well as others around you. United Regional Medical Center offers a comfortable Sleep Center and Laboratory for a thorough and experienced diagnosis.

URMC & CCEMS Present
A BLS Re-Certification Course

When: Sat March 23rd 7am-11am

Cost: Only $5.50

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